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Exploring Open Badges

I have in mind the idea of « sing the mozilla manifesto » and David Boswell write me about OpenBadges, I « know » that open badges is a project of mozilla but I not now how it works.

For test it I go to Open Badges web site, click in the « Get started » button and I get my first Badge (i’m using my mozilla persona account for login).

Now I have my first badge (nice), I’m in and I like put this badge in my mail singnature, in my blog and in my C.V. (paper version).

I click in the badge and I get the information about it, but I can do nothing, after search, search, searh, read, read, read I understood that I have to made a group for share the badge, I do the group and now I see the share button but I find other (the first is that I can’t share the badge from the badget) usability problem:

The « Drag a badge here » zone go down, if you have many groups is not nice go down for do a new group.

I click in the share button and i get this page:

Nice but:

  • Is a very long URL, if I put this in my CV nobody write this long URL in the keyboard for see my badget. Solution: URL shortener and QR code generator
  • Not show the « Issuance Details », is a nice badge but nobody can know who is the owner. Solution: Put the Issurannce Details like when I click in the badge in my account.
  • I can’t put the badge in my blog. The solution is create a code generator like the code generator for Crative Commons licences, this code put the badget like the twitter follow button and when people click in the badge get the information about the badge, like when i click in the badge in my user account.

Now I do other group, I think we have a bug in the aplication becouse I can’t see the share button in the second group, I do click in « Home » and now I see the button and also I see a checkbox and the word « Public » in all the groups.

I not undrestand the functionality of Public check box, I put the mouse over and I not have information like in the share button.

How to understand Open Badges? See this image and add other actor, the owners (earner) of the badge(s).

I think is a great project and is very good idea use this for sing the manifesto but the web apps is beta, beta, beta and need feedback and work.


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