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The hardware: QNAP TS 209 (ARM Marvell 5182 500MHz, 256 MB DDRII)

The OS: Debian 7, I do the firmware change following this How To

A clean installation: most of the packages using apt-get install –no-install-recommends because less is more, much more if you are in a limited embedded system.

I do my first install with nginx + with SSL php5-fpm + sqlite, after I do the change to MySQL, unfortunately, the NAS hardware is limited, now I thing is not a good idea :( take a minute or more to load a page with images!!

My personal notes about this installation process:

* In debian 7 with backports doesn’t use owncloud-sqlite or owncloud-mysql because is in conflict with owncloud.
* Default dependences are for apache, if you don’t want to install apache packages:
* Install first enginx (In this case i’m using nginx-light)
* Install first php5-fpm
* mediawiki-classes instead mediawiki to do it you need to download this package from testing and install it with dpkg.
* UNIX Socket (default at php5fpm) instead in the nginx config
* Certificate: Works using ssl_certificate_key and ssl_certificate wit and without concatenate the GandiStandardSSLCA.pem, Something is not clear for me in this issue.
* IMPORTANT: Remember to change file permission to 400 for the key (chmod 400 *key)
* IMPORTANT: To concatenate both certificates (my.crt and GandiStandardSSLCA.pem) add a new line between one and other (echo «  » >>
* Problems with the config? remove the owncloud’s config.php file and follow the wizard.

Owncloud works but is really slooooooow, this hardware is really not good to do this job, I learn a lot but I don’t have a real solution :(


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