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CPU, Memory, network and disk at Mac OSX menu bar

I was thinking in the gnome Linux desktop old times, the system (cpu, memory, network) bar widget was amazing and I decide  to find something similar for my mac I find:

MenuMeters (Winner)
* OpenSource
* Is not a standard app but you can install it as a user (only for you) or as a admin (all users)
* Clean config interface from MAC’s System Preferences.
* Visual and numeric information.
* Detailed information in graphics or numbers, you can tune it.
* Automatic network interface and scale for network monitoring.

Mini Usage
* Doesn’t work in OSX 10.9.4, when you display multiple items (cpu, network …) it is running but sometimes is in the bar sometimes is not.
* Doesn’t have a clear menu config.
* Doesn’t have graphics, not clear

* Scale is not automatic for networking.
* My processor was with a low charge and wasn’t possible to see it.
* Good option if you want basic visual info in a small space.

iStat Menus:
* Is not a standard app, you need to be administrator to install it. I don’t try it, I don’t want get dirty my OS system testing a system monitor tool.
* Tooo expensive, I don’t now if you can use it without pay.


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