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Spark core getting and starting

The super « smart config with the Spark apps method doesn’t work (#EpicFail), I try it with two different Spark cores (with and without u.FL external antenna) with my Nexus 5 phone using Cyanogem, I got it:

Screenshot_2014-10-17-22-17-40Then the old way always work! from Mac OSx :

$ screen /dev/cu.usbmodem1411

Now the core is connected but my serial connection with screen is frozen, I can’t kill it with [ctl]+[c]

Now I understand, when the Spark core is connected the serial connection is dropped, then:

  1. $ screen /dev/cu.usbmodem1411
  2. [i] [enter]
    • You will get the core ID
  3. [w] [enter]
    • You will insert the SSID and password

Claiming the core: open up Spark Build and click the ‘Cores’ icon. Click the button that says ‘Add a Core’, and enter your ID in the text box.


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