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Nexus 4 reparation


  • Follow this video and keep in mind, you don’t need to remove everything.
  • Try to use the plastic tool as possible
  • To unstick the battery is better to use a plastic card, the package is really fragile.
  • Battery screw are so hard, if you doesn’t have the good screwdriver don’t try to remove it, unfortunately some  PH#00 screwdrivers doesn’t have a good point. find one with a good one. What’s a good point? you will see + in the point if you see a point in the center is not a good one.
  • If proximity sensor doesn’t work (screen black when calling), that can happen after screen replacement, in my case, I think is because Im changing all the frame, then I think is an issue related with the non original chassis (I buy the assembled LCD+Touch+Chassis ) but  don’t worry listen this guy the whole big in the samall and the small in the big. I do the change removing only the plastic cover with the phone working, you don’t need to disassembled all the phone, just remove the jack and sensor carrefuly.

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