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iptables-save don’t save

Hello world,

I want jut remember you that your iptables rules are in memory, when your Linux system startup, any script will read your firewall rules from a config file.

Now, how to save my firewall rules?

iptables-save — dump iptables rules to stdout

Yes :

iptables-save > file-with-rules

And please, keep in mind that we don’t have any standard location for this rules, each Linux distribution is doing this in a different way, in other cases they aren’t doing something and you as a sysadmin have a work to do.

But before say bay bay, I learn something today and I want to write it,  when RedHat people talk about iptables save, they don’t refer to iptables, they talk about redhat init.d script called iptables (but is not from iptables):

 /sbin/service iptables save

And they believe that iptables can save rules!!!  is not their fault, is RedHat fault?



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2 réponses à “iptables-save don’t save

  1. Robin, merci, la prochaine fois j’espère l’utiliser ;)

  2. Sur debian, le paquet s’occupe de ça. Pour Redhat, j’en sais trop rien, ma dernière installation remonte à Red Hat 4.2 ;-)

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